February 6, 2018

Our Mission & Vision

Trofomo Tyre Engineering understands what it takes to be the best in the earthmover tyre industry. To maintain our high standards, expertise and deliver it to our customers, we must look ahead and understand the forces and trends in the ever- changing industrial landscape and prepare for what is to come. We understands that today is the time to prepare for tomorrow.


Our mission is enduring. It declares the purpose and standard to which we hold ourselves. Trofomo Tyre Engineering shall endeavour to provide our customers with the best products and services, whilst maintaining the highest standards of quality. Chiefly, we shall:
Inspire confidence in our customers.

Create value that makes a difference in our operations.
Operate safely, ethically and within governance


Our vision provides the model with which to deliver our aims and objectives.
Portfolio – source and deliver the most effective products and services to our customers. Anticipate the requirements of our customers and manage their expectations.

Productivity – be effective, agile and lean.

Partners – nurture sustainable partnerships that generate enduring value. Community – be responsible and operate legally and ethically

Our Values

The power our values lies in their clarity: put the customer first, treat people with respect, work hard, and reward performance.


To provide customers with a level of quality and value, of both service and products, that exceeds their expectations and surpasses the competition.


To give every member of the team the quality leadership, training and management necessary to provide quality and value to the customer. Our team members will work safely and will have the ambition, enthusiasm and energy to be productive, efficient, and contribute to an upbeat atmosphere in the workplace.


To achieve a fair profit in all of our operations.


To expand our company in a deliberate and balanced fashion for the purpose of strengthening our ability to serve the customer and provide a solid future for our people. However, our rate of expansion will not be beyond our ability to finance or manage to a consistent standard of quality.


To conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity, being conscious of our image and with modest respect for our successes. Our image is defined by the conduct of each of us.


To build long-term relationships with our suppliers based on competitiveness, value, and mutual respect of objectives.

Community focused

To continually improve every aspect of our company, recognizing our responsibility to our customers, each other, our communities and the environment.