February 6, 2018

Our Services

Tyre Management System
Customers can benefit from a comprehensive tyre management package to suit individual requirements. Our dedicated management team provide a personal and tailored service which will help reduce downtime and improve tyre performance.
•Fleet Check – This will provide the required information on tyre condition, pressure checks and wheel components to assist with preventative maintenance and increase tyre performance thus reducing costs.
•Tyre Management Service – Fully managed tyre programmes to suit the unique needs of our customers, to forecast tyre performance, regulate costs and reduce downtime.
•Fixed cost options – To assist in forecasting and budgeting.

All tyre management packages are carried out by our dedicated management team. Customers receive reports, recommendations and consultation related to findings, promptly and efficiently

Tyre Sales
Getting the best performance out of your investment requires choosing the correct tyres.
We can help you to select the appropriate tyre for your machine, application and site conditions.
The correct tyre for the job will ensure longer tyre life, greater fuel efficiency, better machine performance and reduction in maintenance. We supply all major brand tyres as well as offering Marangoni® re‐tread and remould products

Repair Services
We think that a tyre repair should be guaranteed and last the lifetime of a tyre under normal working conditions. A repair will maintain the value of your tyre. We offer two types of tyre repair:
•Cold Cure On‐Site Repair
•Vulcanised (Major) Repair at our main depot in Stoke‐on‐Trent

A cold cure on‐site repair is a guaranteed repair. It will be there at the end of the tyres working life as long as the machine is run under proper conditions. This type of repair maintains the value of the tyre.

We perform vulcanised repairs at our Stoke‐on‐Trent workshop. Vulcanised repairs offer a cost effective alternative to a replacement tyre. A major repair also helps to reduce the impact on the environment by extending tyre life.

T&C Site Services has a strict no‐plugging policy. We only plug tyres to move machines to a safe location so a repair may be performed. Plugging is triage, not a repair, and is deceptively poor value‐for‐money for your operation.

The main function is to cover our customer needs in various tyre categories sold in this market. We offer technical services such as Tyre Surveys, Scrap Tyre Analysis, Test Tyres, Route Studies, Load Studies, Heat surveys and Troubleshooting.

a. Scrap Tyre Analysis

Regular scrap tyre analysis are specifically required by sites to be conducted by the tyre manufacturer, Trofomo and the Customer. The relevant information is also processed through the Tyre management system. Scrap tyres need the following additional system output:
•Reasons for failure; to determine problem areas within operation and then make suitable recommendations
•The calculation of lost performance versus target
•Recording loss per failure type.
•Credit for casings
•Any retreadable casings will be assessed for possible purchase (parameters to be agreed upon.)

b. Surveys

•Tyre surveys are conducted as per site requirements to determine operational level and tyre conditions.
•The information subtracted from the surveys are processed on the TMS system and the centralised service process unit.
•The survey report will reflect (non-performing KPI‘s) operational levels, including actual pressures. Urgent attention and incidents reported directly to technical personnel.
•Wheel position and permanent identification mark to be recorded for capture.

c. Site Study

The Trofomo Technical Team will conduct site studies where necessary to ascertain the specific environment related to underfoot conditions, type of haul, etc.
A study of this nature will provide the necessary information to assist in recommending the correct tyre application.

The study will also highlight problems and possible causes as to why tyre failures occur, this will result in recommendation and solutions.

d. Load Studies

These will be conducted where it is necessary to establish or determine actual payloads, load distribution, specific axle loads etc, so that correct inflation pressures can be recommended. This will assist in extended tyre life and additional cost savings.

e. Route Surveys

These are conducted to determine road conditions and their possible influence on New tyre and retread tyre selection, performance and specific maintenance requirements.

We have structured our services offering in line with our business Units to meet the standards of the industry and Customers:
Trofomo: TirEng SystemsTR
TirEng Systems. employs a staff of tyre and wheel engineers that can custom design a tire, a wheel, or a mounted tire wheel assembly to meet your needs and specifications. TirEng Systems is able to assist with product design and development through 3-D modeling. Our engineers use CAD-CAM design software so we can work closely with the customer’s design team to ensure all aspects of the wheel and tire design are achieved to your satisfaction.
3D Modeling
CAD/CAM Software
Tyre Design
Compounding Expertise
World Wide Support
Technical Quick Response
Process Improvements
Rubber Track Design
Wheel Design

ORTSERV is just as qualified off the road as we are on it. Combine new earthmover tyres from the world’s top manufacturers like Michelin, Goodyear, Yokohama and Camso with a comprehensive retreading program, and you’ve got an earthmover tyre solution guaranteed to get the job done. Additional earthmover service solutions include 24/7/365 preventative/emergency service, fleet inspections, and tyre and inventory tracking.
As a full-service earthmover specialist, ORTSERV can help you build confidence in your tyres, so you can increase your equipment availability/performance, regularly deliver lower cost per hour/ton, and maximize tyre durability.
All ORTSERV earthmover specialists are MSHA-certified and have approved TWIC cards. If flat tyres are costing you time and money, earthmover flatproofing can help. Pumped into the tyre through the valve stem, a liquid polyurethane polymer replaces all of the air in the tyre and cures into a resilient, synthetic rubber core that completely eliminates faults. It works in any sound casing and adverse weather. To ensure that your equipment keeps running, TROFOMO uses the highest-quality Foam-Fill from ORTSERV.

TROFOMO relies on today’s most advanced retreading process to deliver premium-grade earthmover retreads. All TROFOMO retreads are certified and warrantied.

TROFOMO utilizes Polar Rubber for its earthmover retreading.

Initial Inspection

Each tyre is hand-inspected to ensure that it meets TROFOMO’s high retreading standards.


Buffing removes the old tread design, then trues the tyre with utmost precision.


Any damaged tyre areas are removed, allowing for the proper adhesion of new rubber.


The cementing process provides a tacking surface for the new rubber.


Plugging provides a uniform surface with which to apply the retread.


Computerized building ensures precise radius, diameter, and tread depth specifications.


The new tread is embedded into the tyre and the tyre is cured from the outside in.

Trimming & Painting

Any excess rubber is removed to create a clean, smooth finish and the tyre is freshly painted.

Final Inspection

Each tyre undergoes a rigorous final inspection. Only first-class retreads are shipped to our customers.

Monaflex Repair System
ORTSERV utilizes the Monaflex Repair System for earthmover tyre section repairs. A vulcanized repair system, Monaflex delivers 10 times more tensile strength than chemical tyre repair and allows quick turnaround times.

All TROFOMO tyre repairs are backed by a full warranty.

24/7/365 Emergency Service

If you find yourself in need of emergency earthmover service, your solution is one phone call away! Simply call 08650 22220 and TROFOMO’s entyre service network is at your fingertips. Emergency service is guaranteed within two hours of your call—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Preventative Service

TROFOMO’s preventative earthmover service program ensures proper tyre PSI, tyre mating, and tyre rotations before equipment has to move. Performed by a staff of highly skilled MSHA-certified technicians, preventative service is available 24/7/365.

Fleet Inspections

Based on a thorough review of every piece of earthmover equipment in your fleet, TROFOMO’s customized fleet inspection reports give you a comprehensive overview of your tyre conditions. Fleet inspection reports include PSI compliance, tread percentages, tyre mating, and overall tyre condition.

TyrFil from ORTSERV
•Tyre is completely flatproof
•No tipovers due to sudden flats
•Better ballast for steep hillsides or overload conditions
•Longer tread life than the same tyre filled with air
•Better productivity—no lost wages due to downtime
•No more tyre repair costs
•Once the tread is worn off, the casing can be retreaded

Foam-Fill is not for every application.


ORTtracker is TROFOMO’s proprietary program for ORT fleet inspections and tyre asset management. This tool was developed by TROFOMO with our customer’s input to assist the needs of our ORT customers. The ORTtracker allows them higher visibility of their assets, access to a history of fleet inspections, and provides a total cost of ownership.

Every time a fleet inspection is completed all of the pertinent data is entered and saved into ORTtracker. A report providing an overview of the activity and highlighting wheel positions with concerns is created and can be sent to any interested party.
The report also includes a suggested corrective action to properly rectify the issue. Additionally, tread depths and hours of service are collected allowing fleet managers to understand their tyre cost per hour or related metric. ORTtracker saves every fleet inspection thus allowing an interested party to examine past tyre statuses. This free of charge app is manufacturer independent meaning your fleet data is not public.

Another useful feature is the casing management search tool. Every tyre’s brand and serial number is added to our database and our customers can search by those numbers to find where the tyre is being operated. This feature allows our customers to have a better visibility on their assets and cost of operation. This app is web based and be accessed wherever there is an internet connection, with a PC, tablet, or smart phone.

Be sure to ask your TROFOMO team how your business can benefit from this program

ORTSERV is committed to providing a safe working environment for not only our own personnel, but also for everyone involved in our industry. TROFOMO believes that an educated and trained service team results in higher productivity. Because of this, we employ three T.I.A. (Tyre Industry Association) certified instructors, who train our Earthmover Service Department. Each member of our Earthmover Team must complete TROFOMO designed training focused on tyre safety and management, the TIA Training and Certificate program, the MSHA Surface & Underground Mine Site Certification, and other manufacture-specific classes. Our team also participates with supplier compliance companies, such as Browz, PICS and ISNetworld, and is OSHA compliant.

TROFOMO also partners with world-class tyre manufacturers to offer accredited courses to not only the Earthmover Service Team, but also our customers. We believe that educating our customers helps give on-site personnel the ability to recognize tyre issues before they cause a delay or expense to the operation. Our dedication to safety and training helps us better manage customers’ tyre needs leading to higher productivity and better operating costs.

Trofomo: Tirespot
Turn to Trofomo For Commercial Tyres for Every Application
For over 10 years, Service Tirespot have provided top-quality commercial tyres and tyre-related services in Southern Africa. We’re proud to stock the absolute best in tyres for working vehicles, with a wide selection of options suitable for any application. When you’re looking for top value for your investment, turn to Trofomo.

Tyres from All the Brands You Trust

We carry tyres from all the top names, including Michelin Truck Tyres, Goodyear Tyres, Yokohama Tyres, Dunlop Tyres, BFGoodrich Tyres, Cooper tyres, Kelly Tyres, and Uniroyal. We work closely with our suppliers, staying up to date with their breakthroughs and new releases, ensuring that the best and latest in tyre technology is always available to you from Trofomo.

When you buy commercial tyres from Trofomo, you’re getting exceptional long-term value. By bringing your tyres back to us for our Michelin retreading services, you can see an exceptional ROI by extending their lifespan at far lower costs than buying new tyres. Our tyres can be retreaded multiple times, and if retreading isn’t for you we’ll offer you casing credit once they’re worn down.

Tyres for Every Industry

We carry full lines of tyres for oversized and heavy-machinery applications as well, including earthmovers, refuse collection, agricultural vehicles, construction equipment, and emergency vehicles. We can outfit municipal vehicles, passenger buses, or even consumer-grade vehicles.

In every case, our expert service technicians will consult with you on your vehicle and its usage profile, to select the right tyres from our vast selection. When you purchase commercial tyres from Trofomo, you can be sure you’re getting optimal performance with the lowest possible operating cost.

Need New Tyres ASAP?

TROFOMO also offers nation-wide roadside assistance. Whether you need on-the-road assistance, or want to come by any of our forty-eight locations, just contact TROFOMO to make it happen

Trofomo: TyreCy

“There is increasing pressure from the government, local councils and the public to reduce the levels of waste tire going to landfill or being exported. Significant recycling opportunities exist for investors to profit from the end products derived from tire recycling. There are more and more large volume applications for the rubber, steel and fibre derived from recycling tire which makes tire recycling an attractive opportunity for the recycling industry”
Old tires are no longer a waste disposal problem

Tyre recycling is a growth industry and our equipment offers the perfect opportunity.

We supply a complete ORT downsizing system.

TyRecy recycling equipment offers a complete solution to tire reduction and recycling. Regardless of the tire size, there is a machine capable of cutting, de-beading and baling of used tires.
Quality, durability and easy operation are key factors in all units. The mobile cutters and balers are a cost effective method of reducing the on- site volume of used tires, before transporting to a recycling facility.
TyreCy specializes in supplying Off Road Tyres (ORT) tyres to the mining, agricultural, heavy transport and quarrying industries.
Nothing is better than a new tyre but sometimes a used tyre is exactly what you need! That is why we offer both solutions for that one tyre that is worn or damaged and you want to match the wear on your other tyres instead of buying new.
With more than 20 years ORT service & sales experience we can give you expert advise on the right tyre for the right job. Some tyres are made to help handle specific driving needs. When making your decision, remember to consider all factors.

Troformo: LeworkShop

For over sixty years, TROFOMO has built a reputation for being one of the most service-focused tyres and truck service shops around. We’ve grown to be a powerhouse thanks to our dedication to doing every job right, with top-quality parts, and technicians whose training and service ethic goes above and beyond.

Our mechanical division, Service Tech, offers drive-in, mobile, and emergency vehicle maintenance. What separates Service Tech apart from our competition is our adherence to a high level of service. This is warranted by some of the quickest turn times in our markets, so that your vehicle will be repaired in a matter of days not weeks.

Another differentiator is our usage of high quality OEM grade parts. Our shops and mobile fleets utilize the same parts program to ensure that Service Tech offers a network of consistency that can be relied upon. Our well trained technicians and company history of Service all combined with our high quality parts will assure you that your vehicle will be repaired efficiently and correctly the 1st time. See below regarding our different services.

TROFOMO Offers A Full Range of Mechanical Truck & Trailer Services

Beyond our great options for new tyres and retreaded tyres, we can assist you with a full range of vehicle services, including:

•PM Inspections
•Batteries & Electrical Systems
•Preventative Maintenance
•Software Diagnostics
•State Inspections (MD, PA, VA)
•Trailer maintenance and repairs

•Air Conditioning
•Lights & Wiring
•Mobile & Drive-in FHWA Certifications
•Mobile & Drive-in Federal Inspections
•Mobile and Drive-in Maintenance
•And more!

All vehicle maintenance is performed by an expert staff of certified TROFOMO repair technicians.

Mechanical Emergency Road Calls Also Available

Through the TROFOMO Road Assist™ program, we can be there to provide the emergency truck service you need anywhere in the nation, 24/7/365, with one of the best response times in the industry. Whenever you need us, just call 08650 22220

Trust Your Truck to The Best
TROFOMO’s goal is to create greater customer relationships through added services beyond tyres by offering specific mechanical services; increased vehicle uptime through quality preventative maintenance, repairs performed correctly the first time, quick turnaround on vehicles and good communication both timely and precise. To learn more about our service options or schedule a maintenance appointment, click here to contact your local TROFOMO leworkshop or send us email.

Be sure to check out our Preventative Maintenance & Fleet Service programs.