February 6, 2018


Trofomo provides and extensive range of tyres, rims / wheels and accessories to suit a wide range of industries, such as mining, civil, military, ports and industrial. Our dedicated sales, service and support staff located in our extensive branch network are here to support your company in achieving world class productivity and maintenance standards.





Tyrfil : Eliminate Flat Tires Forever!

Even in the most hazardous environments, tires filled with TyrFil can never go flat. Our tire fill product allows equipment to operate over broken glass, nails, sharp metal, rocks, etc. TyrFil’s durability has been proven in thousands of demanding applications including construction, mining, municipality, waste, and rental equipment. Despite cuts and punctures, TyrFil will keep your tires rolling, increasing productivity and eliminating downtime. Find a TyrFil Dealer near you!

Also, no other tire flatproofing technology absorbs G-Force Shock as well as TyrFil. Only the TyrFil Treatment gives you a smooth, safe ride that means less injury to your team, less wear on your equipment, and totally flatproof tires. Watch this video to find out more:
For more than 40 years, TyrFil has been the tire flatproofing system choice. Accella Tire Fill Systems has sold more than one billion pounds of product to keep our customers safe on a trouble-free ride for the life of your tires. No other tire flatproofing technology can absorb shock as well as TyrFil. TyrFil increases productivity and eliminates downtime without damaging equipment or operator. Watch the video: G-force Test: Tire Fill vs. Solid Shock and Pneumatic Bounce to learn more.

Why Use TyrFil?

TyrFil not only offers choice – multiple durometer, tread pattern and pressure options, but it has numerous other benefits as well, including:
•Cost-Effective ◦Minimizes wear and tear on vehicles
◦Eliminates emergency maintenance calls
◦Eliminates downtime back charges

•Safe ◦Improves vehicle stabilization
◦Promotes operator safety
◦Minimizes worker compensation claims

•Performance ◦Lowers G-force impact
◦Maintains a high heat resistance profile
◦Runs faster for longer periods of time

Logo_TLC_color_vertFlat tires, premature wear, and downtime costs make the cost of tires one of the most expensive parts of owning and operating equipment. With this in mind, TLC has been formulated specifically to reduce these costs by extending tire and wheel life, enabling easier wheel dismounting, and early detection of potentially dangerous cracked wheels. Watch this video to see how TLC promotes safety, reduces downtime, and extends the life of your OTR tires and rims.

No matter what the average operating ambient temperature, there is a TLC product specifically formulated to perform from lows of -40° F to +20° F (-40° C to -6° C) .
•TLC HT – (20° F / -7° C)
•TLC PRO – (0° F / 18° C)
•TLC EXTREME – (-20° F / -29° C)
•TLC TUNDRA – (-40° F / -40° C)

* For international markets, TLC formulas are also available in a concentrate.

Tire and Rim Protection

TLC Tire & Rim Protection extends the life of your tires and wheels. When using TLC, you can be confident that your wheels will be protected from rust and corrosion while working in the harshest conditions. Additionally, TLC’s double lubricant will clean rusting rims, making it easier to remove tires from wheels therefore lowering labor costs.

TLC will also preserve your original tire liner. This product reduces your costs by keeping the tires running cooler, extending the life of the tires. Experience the TLC Difference:

Rim Without TLC
Rusty wheel and components
Reduced hours on the wheel and tires
Added downtime and operating costs
Safety hazard


Tires run cooler
Clean wheels reduce labor
Increased hours on the wheel and tires
Reduced downtime and operating costs
Increased safety

To determine the amount of wheel conditioner required for your tires, please consult the TLC Volume Application Chart.

Benefits at a Glance
◾Increases tire and wheel life
◾Cools tire by 10-20° F
◾Saves casings for recapping
◾Prevents and eliminates rust and corrosion
◾Contains twice the lubricant compared to similar products
◾Lubricates rims for easier dismounting
◾Contains no flammable components, eliminating risk in retreading
◾Will not block valve stems
◾Designed specifically for large tires on heavy-duty equipment
◾Environmentally friendly

ReSeal™ industrial strength tire sealant is a cost-effective, non-hazardous, and military-grade tire sealant made in the USA. It offers light-weight tire protection when your equipment is exposed to harsh conditions.

Why Use ReSeal?

ReSeal-Ride With The Winner

Improves Tire Performance

ReSeal is the only tire sealant on the market that contains Aramid Fiber. Aramid Fiber is a durable, high tenacity fiber that is 5X stronger than steel and is used in bullet proof vests. When the tire is punctured, thousands of strong interlocking fibers clot in and around the puncture to prevent any loss of air.

Reduces Costly Downtime

ReSeal offers superior puncture protection and keeps your equipment working in the toughest environments. Recent testing has proven ReSeal to be effective up to 1/2″ punctures, compared to the industry standard of 3/8″.

Reduces Operating Costs

ReSeal’s industry-leading rust protection stops expensive wheel and rim replacements. ReSeal is formulated with rust and corrosion inhibitors, as well as a pH buffer which prevents algae build-up, making for easy dismounting and tire replacement.

Ideal ReSeal Applications

ReSeal is designed for large tires and heavy-duty equipment. It can be used in many off-road applications including all-terrain, waste management, landscaping, ground support, mining operations, agriculture, construction, and military.
ReSeal Applications

ReSeal can be used with ease and confidence, it does not cause damage even to retread tires. No components in ReSeal could cause a chamber fire. Additionally, the lubrication makes dismounting easier and helps preserve the casing for retreading. Watch this video to see how easy it is to use ReSeal.

Consult our Sealant Application Chart to determine the amount of sealant required for your tires.

How it Works

ReSeal is pumped into the tire with the aid of our specially designed pump through the valve stem. It remains liquid for the life of the mounted tire. If the tire is punctured, thousands of strong interlocking ReSeal fibers will clot in and around the puncture to prevent any loss of air.

Benefits at a Glance
•Increases tire and tread life
•Seals punctures up to 3/8” in diameter
•Senses air loss and rushes to plug the hole
•Seals permanently
•Works at temperatures as low as 10 degrees F (-12 degrees C)
•Seals bead leaks
•Lubricates rims
•Prevents rust
•Keeps tires running cooler
•Maintains consistent air pressure
•Improves fuel economy
•Prevents corrosion of rims, valve stems, and steel belts

What Our Customers Are Saying:

“We have used Slime Sealant in the past, and it did not work as well as ReSeal has when racing over 100 mph for 400 miles over sharp rocks and cactuses” – MGI Motor Sports

“We had flats every day in a tough loader application until we used ReSeal in a whole range of tires we sell. ReSeal will help with many of the problems you are having with flats” – McCarthy Tire

“We used ReSeal in our 17.5 x 25-20 ply tyres that are used on Eimco LHD and Joy Shuttle Cars. After two years, the tyres are lasting up to 10 times the normal life of air-filled tires” – Gordonstone Colliery Coal Mine Since

1971, the scientists at our partner have been developing a line of technologically advanced polyurethane products and in 1977 developed a high performance flexible polyurethane formulation. By combining this proprietary blend of micro-cellular polyurethane with a novel manufacturing method of centrifugal casting, the light-weight, durable Carefree Tire provides an “air cushioned” ride without adding any significant weight, delivering the assurance and durability of a solid tire with the performance of a pneumatic tire.

Carefree Tire’s innovative process of manufacturing is specifically designed to create a tire that has a durable non-porous outer elastomeric skin with a high-density cellular core consisting of trillions of trapped air cells. The tough-yet-flexible outer skin allows for a firm tread area that provides excellent resistance to abrasion, cutting, punctures, and chemical attack, while the dense micro-cellular core reduces rolling resistance, and allows for greater shock absorption. As a result, not only will a Carefree Tire last four to ten times longer than a similar pneumatic tire, it requires much less effort to roll.


Carefree Tire:

Eliminate Flat Tires